Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Paper Dolls

Aren't these adorable??  I'm in like with them, and so is Gator!  They are a free printable from Gwen over at Gwenny Penny.  She is so awesome to share them!  The link to her blog post (where you can print these awesome little dolls and their outfits out) is here

She recommends printing them out on cardstock paper... I didn't have any white cardstock, so I printed them onto regular paper, glued them to a couple old file folders, and then cut them out.  Worked great and they're pretty sturdy.  My four year old has mastered changing them and wants to play with them constantly!  We even took them to the resturant for dinner last night and she played happily with them at the table while waiting for our food!  Yay for quite time!! :)


  1. These are darling! Thanks for the tip...heading over now...

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my paper dolls!


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