Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simple Kid Halloween Crafts

We've been crazy busy around here lately, but I have quite a few little projects in the works that I'll share soon.  My sewing machine is fixed, material has been purchased for Boo's Dopey costume, I'm less then two weeks away from finishing up my last class for my bachelors degree, Gator has a dance recital this weekend, last night was a TAPS meeting (a post on that one later), a PTA meeting, and dance class, AND my daddy's birthday.  Oh, and we're still planning for the big move of course!  So I've been a slacker mommy and a slacker blogger friend lately... I seriously have some catching up to do! 

But... I thought I would share a couple simple Halloween crafts we've done...

A little construction paper and some cotton balls can go a long way to making big smiles!

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  1. Very cute ideas! I think I may try the pumpkin one with my 5 year old. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day :)


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