Monday, September 13, 2010

Our New Home?? Possibly!!

We may have found the next place we will be calling home!  I say we... but I think I really have to give the credit to my awesome husband, who actually is doing the leg work here.  I'm told it's a cute little townhouse... new appliances, modern look, fenced in yard... I'm being patiently optimistic... truthfully, right now I would be willing to move into my car, if it meant being able to sleep next to my husband every night...

I don't often share the back-story here, because I tend to get a lot of confused expressions and truly dumb questions... but it's pretty difficult to see or hear reactions on a blog, so I'll try to give the simplified version here. 

My husband and I wanted to live in Florida.  I'm from Florida, we met in Florida, Florida just felt like home.  We decided we were going to make the move to Florida in stages because finding a job for my husband was taking longer then expected.  So with our SUV and u-haul trailer all packed up, we made the two (what ended up being three awful days) trip to the Sunshine state and settled the kids and I into a beautiful, BIG house that I was in love with.  To cut out most of the middle here, it took way to long to determine that the job just was not going to work out.  We were faced with a few different options, but being that my husband is on the fast track to success at his current place of employment, making the half-a-country journey back to Texas just seemed like the most practical decision for us at the moment. 

So now the kids and I are (here comes the terrifying awful part) sharing a bedroom and a closet (I miss my shoes!!) at my parents house, and my husband is stuck at his mom's in order to save money for a new place in Texas and another LONG trip.  (Seriously, I miss my 3 4 boxes of shoes in storage!)  So finding a place puts us one step closer to finally feeling like we're home again. 

And just to throw a sentimental note at everyone (ya know, my one reader who is actually a friend, but I'm pretending tons of people are out there reading this, lol)...

It's amazing what a person can learn about themselves when they are forced to grow up.  I thought I was grown up.  At 23, with a great marriage, two little ones, and an associates degree I thought I was a real adult.  And then I was thrown into a world of being just me.  I was forced to do it all on my own and figure out the answers to my own problems and not have the hand to hold or the hug I desperately needed at the end of the day... and I did grow up.  And now I know, that no matter how great living in the city that you grew up in may be, or being close to family is, being with the people who you love more then anything in this world will always matter more.  We've been living apart and only getting to see each other every couple of months way to long now.  I now know what in my life is worth fighting for, what is worth crying for, and at the end of the day, what is worth leaving behind. 

No regrets... it's been an amazing journey... I now know that I can do it all alone... and I still choose him to make my way in this world with...

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 

<3 <3 <3


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  1. Aww, Jess! Once you guys find the right house, everything will fall into place. I hope you guys get to be together again soon!


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