Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten Things to Smile About from September

1. My baby boy turned one, and wore his cake perfectly!

2)  We found our new home in Texas (just a matter of getting us to it now)!

3) Beautiful weather and beautiful places to enjoy it in.

4) Time with family that loves us and who we love dearly.

5) A wonderful pre-school teacher who Gator can't wait to see every morning. 

6)This hair.

7) Starting my very last class in my degree program!

8) Thoughts about this man, oh how I miss him and can't wait to be in his arms again!

9) Boo's first hair cut.

10) Gator's dance classes starting up again, and she's loving it. 

Join in on the monthly smiles. 



  1. Great great post! Love the cake and ballet picture. And thank goodness for good teachers who make it fun.

    Thanks so much for linking up.

  2. awww - such a sweet post. LOVE the cake all over the baby.

  3. I love this idea about 10 things to smile about--and all your smile moments are priceless! Your kiddos are sooooo cute! I especially LOVE the cake picture of your little guy turning one!

  4. this is a darling post!! and your kids are beautiful!

    i love the ballet and "hair" pictures so precious.

    this post would also link up nicely on my Happy List link party every weekend...feel free to stop by and grab the button and link up next weekend. I typically try and have mister linky up each Friday at midnight.


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